Finding the Right Home Plan

1. Get in touch with the right real estate agent. Your agent will provide you with information about the area you looking for,  with the resources that will help you to learn about the communities, schools, market trends etc…  Don’t forget the agent you will work with will guide through the journey toward the purchase of your dream home.

2. The next step is to assess the amount of housing you can afford.  You can use the mortgage payment calculator (getting a loan section) as well as the affordability calculator I have included in this page. Please note this is just a brief estimate to get an idea. When you ready to make the next step you will need to get with a mortgage banker to get more precise range of prices you can afford and a written loan pre-approval. If you don’t have a mortgage banker I can refer you to one.

3.The next step is to learn about the area get different reports such as livability, walking score, schools etc… Use this tool to learn more about the area. I can provide you with additional city resources.

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    What’s the vibe in your city?



    4.    Compare your needs and wants based on your price range, financial picture, and local market situation. Use your agent as a resource.

    5.    Find the perfect home for you.

    After you have been preapproved, have some local market knowledge, and know what are your needs and wants are, get with your agent and see the dream home, put an offer and buy it.

    When you know your plan of action you need the experts who will help you to fulfill your plan!

    1.      Your Real- Estate Agent – In order to find the perfect home for you need to work with the best agent. After you selected the agent he probably will refer you to other professionals who will help you in the process and minimize your stress.

    2.      Mortgage professional or banker. In is very important to choose the right professional who will design a product for you based on your financial abilities and financial goals. The lender will also run all the arrangements required for obtaining the loan such as appraisal.

    3.       Lawyer – Real estate agents are not able to provide any legal advice. Get an expert practitioner of the real estate law who will help you minimize costly risks and answer your questions that address your concerns. The lawyer will oversee the process to ensure it complies with the laws and regulations. Contact me if you need a referral.

    4.      Home inspector – it is highly recommended to get a home inspector who will inspect the property for any major defects it can definitely save you money in the future as discovered issues can be addressed right away.

    5.     Insurance agent when you buy your home you definitely need insurance to protect you from different risks please contact your insurance agent regarding suitable insurance for your home.

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