Short Sale

Are You Upside Down?

Find out how to avoid foreclosure and get your life upside right with expert short sale advice in Chicago and suburbs.

Avoid Foreclosure and save your credit.

Reduce debt and regain control of your finances.

All of your short sale questions and concerns are answered in the privacy of your home.

Here is Why you Want Consider Short Sale:

1. After the Short sale is settled in Most Cases home owners owe nothing and the deficiencies are waived.

2. Home owners that go through short sale might qualify for moving and relocation financial assistance between $3,000 & $30,000 (this depends on the financial hardship and situation) If this is your primary residence you have a higher chances to qualify.

3. After short sale in most cases you can obtain a new mortgage after two years.

4. The effect on your credit score may be lower than the effect of foreclosure and your score will drop only 50-80 points.

5.Short sale will have no effect on different security clearances and pre-employment background checks.

6. Short sale can help you stay in your home for longer period of time.

7. Bank Pays All The Costs – Attorney fees, Real Estate Commissions, and closing costs- It is FREE TO YOU.

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