Real Estate Investors

I have experience in helping investors in different investment types:

1. Fix Up and Flip

This is a very popular way of real estate investment. It is based on buying a property that is in need of repairs, repairing it and selling it for profit. There are many properties that can be bought this way especially REO and foreclosures.

2. Buy and Flip

Buy and flip it is pure speculative transaction in real estate buying the home cheaper with no repairs needed, and selling it for a higher price for profit. This kind of properties is not easy to find. This kind of transaction is usually cash since it gives seller incentive to sell their home at a lower price in exchange to a  fast closing.

3. Buy Tear Down and Build

Those who are interested in real estate development this is a very good opportunity to buy a low priced property that has its value in the land, demolish the old structure and to build a new house. This is not recommended for beginners but for seasoned investors

4. Buy, Hold, and Rent

Buying real estate and renting it out can provide residual income and high returns on investment. Investors can invest in residential and commercial real estate for this purpose.

5. Short Sale

In the short sale the homeowner stays in the home and tries to sell for less the amount owed to the lender. This process can very long and requires bank approval. Buyers can benefit from it since they can get the property significantly cheaper than the market value. Short sale homes in most of the cases are in decent condition especially if the owner lives there and maintains the property. Ask me about short sale properties in your favorite area and get daily updates of the market.

6. Wholesale

If you have sufficient amount of cash funds, assets or IRA I can help you find properties at wholesale prices 60%-80% of market value. Please ask me regarding your options.

Contact me for information about each particular investment opportunity.

* I do not provide any Tax, Accounting, Financial, or Legal advice. Always consult a professional regarding your situation.

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